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2024 Pitt Race Giveaways

Welcome to the Main Rules and Regulations page for the 2024 Giveaways.

Throughout the 2024 season, Pitt Race will hold a series of giveaways. We will use Tropee to manage points delivered to participants’ accounts.

Each month will have an exciting and unique prize!! We will give away event tickets to participate or spectate in various Pitt Race events, in addition to prizes from our very own Pro Shop like metal track signs, t-shirts, wine glasses, hats, and much more! So, visit our site often and watch our news for these monthly giveaways.

Tropee, is the site hosting our giveaways. After creating a free Tropee account, you will find a full list of available tasks in the ‘HOME’ button. You may use all your points for the one giveaway, or save them for future giveaways. Regardless, you won’t run out of tasks to earn more points. We create new tasks.


The participant will earn points based on tasks such as visiting pages, following social accounts, or sharing content, then use those points toward any of the active giveaways.



If you have already won a giveaway from Pitt Race within the 2024 Calendar year, you are not eligible to enter or win another drawing within the same Calendar year!!(If you have won a previous Pitt Race Giveaway in 2024, and are selected for a second winning, we will pick another participant that has not won within the 2024 Calendar Year yet)

For physical winnings, such as products from our very own Pro Shop, you have thirty (30) days after the end of the giveaway to collect your prize. You must call us at 724-535-1000 before your arrival to ensure a Pitt Race Employee can assist you in collecting your prize. If there is no Pitt Race Employee able to assist you, you must pick up your prize a different day.

For those of non-physical winnings, such as event tickets, we will let the event know who the winner is with the ticket number. We will also email you the event tickets and codes, so you have them for your own record.

For winnings like garage spots, electrical spots, or a free entry to a requested event that Pitt Race holds, we will contact you via email to confirm your winnings. You must call us at 724-535-1000 to ensure that a Pitt Race Employee will put your name and garage spot within the books to secure your spot. If the spots are full for your desired event in the 2024 season, we will keep the spot in the winner's name for the next calendar year (2025).

All participants attending any events must sign in at the gate and sign our track waiver! That includes; Attending an event from an event ticket prize, as participants and spectators. And Attending won karting sessions.

Disclaimer: Tickets are non-transferrable, there are no refunds, no rainchecks, no duplications of tickets, non-transfer of cash-value of tickets or physical winnings.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns please email us at

Happy Winnings!!


Who: Pitt Race

What: Giveaways!

When: 2024 Calendar Year


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