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DelVal BMW CCA - Pitt Race HPDE

2023: October 28-29

Full Track

The Delaware Valley Chapter of BMW CCA is having its FIRST EVER PittRace HPDE October 28-29! We have multiple options for every experience level, from first-timers to seasoned veterans. Here's a quick rundown of your options which can also be found on the MotorsportReg event page.


Introduction to the Track - $350 - This is mainly for those who have never driven on a racetrack in an organized HPDE. This could also be appropriate if you did some events years ago but need to refamiliarize yourself with the procedures and get "back up to speed". If you're more experienced, this is a great option for friends who might be interested in what you do but never took the leap. Includes personalized and classroom instruction.

Experienced HPDE - $450 - Just what it sounds like, for students who have done some HPDE events, are comfortable on the track and want to continue improving their driving skills. Includes personalized and classroom instruction.

Open Track Time - $450 - This is for students who are regularly in the advanced group driving solo with no instructor. It will have longer sessions (we're planning on at least 3 one-hour sessions each day) to allow you to stop, check tire temps and pressures, make adjustments, and continue all in the same session. Think of this as "independent study" and as such it does not include classroom or personalized instruction, but we will make every effort to connect you with instructors if you're looking to improve some particular aspect of your driving.


Open Track Time with Instructor Discount - $200 - Same as above, this is our new Open Track concept which will include longer sessions to allow you to "test & tune" or just stay on track longer. As a reward for being willing to take on at most one student, we have discounted this by $250. If you are an instructor but you don't want to instruct at this school, you are welcome to sign up for the Open Track Time at the regular price.

Please feel free to share this event link with anybody who might be interested:


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