Fire Rescue, Safety Team Lead – Full Time

The Safety Team Lead is responsible for ensuring that PIRC and its facilities are always presented in a secure, safe, and quality standard. This person under the direction of the Safety Supervisor and is responsible for leading Fire / Rescue staff.


  1. Highly organized, disciplined, and a reliable person willing to work with the Fire / Rescue team.

  2. Ability to calmly react in challenging situations.

  3. Knowledge of general facility safety procedures.

  4. Maintenance of all applicable safety and training certifications.

  5. Willing to work weekends, certain holidays, and be available by phone during the peak season.

  6. Knowledge and understanding of race events, driving schools, karting, track days, and other motorsports-related activities.

  7. Experience with motorsports safety, security, equipment, and vehicles is recommended but not required

  8. Willingness to work extensive hours and under conditions of high intensity.

  9. Valid driver’s license.


These responsibilities are intended as a general illustration of the work performed in this job classification and are not all inclusive for this position. Items listed are your priority but do not exclude you from offering assistance to all Pitt Race programs/employees when they are in need.

  1. Assist with scheduling Fire / Rescue staff to adequately cover all events.

  2. Perform as a member of the Fire / Rescue team.

  3. Assist with the arrangement of Fire / Rescue, ambulance, fire truck, and other necessary safety equipment suggested or requested for an event.

  4. Monitor the condition and availability of safety items such as fire extinguishers, oil dry, and fire suits and gloves for Fire / Rescue.

  5. Assist with the completion of monthly fire extinguisher inspections.

  6. Oversee the completion and filing of Facility Conditions Reports for every on-track incident.

  7. Become familiar with the facility’s Emergency Action Plan.

  8. Establish and keep good working relationships with appropriate local police, sheriff, fire departments, ambulance services, and other authorities.

  9. When Safety Supervisor is not on-site, plan for and assign 2-way radios, flags, and other necessary equipment for Safety Team, tow service, and ambulance service during events.

  10. Responsible for ensuring the condition and readiness of Safety Team vehicles.

  11. Assist with service and maintenance of fire extinguishers

Pittsburgh International Race Complex is a professional motorsports facility committed to creating a fun and friendly yet competitive environment that serves the needs of our customers, community, and employees.

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