LO206 Race 2 - 2020

After the initial fog lifted, the weather couldn’t have been any better for the second LO206 race of the Pitt Race season. With an impressive 10 Cadet, 7 Junior, and 31 Senior class entry, the morning was off to a great start. Practice and qualifying sessions ran smoothly for every class except for a few spins.

Cadet Race 2 LO206

Cadet Race 2 LO206: 1st JJ O’Neil, 2nd Isaac Malcuit, 3rd Sean Sholtis.

During the Cadet class final, JJ O’Neil and Isaac Malcuit dominated the field by pulling away from the competition by over 20 seconds. After a head to head battle, O’Neil was able to pull seven seconds ahead of Malcuit to win the race. “Pitt Race is the first track I ever drove and it’s my favorite track to race,” O’Neil commented after the race. Malcuit and Sean Sholtis placed second and third respectively.

Junior Race 2 LO206

Junior Race 2 LO206: 1st Preveil Perkins, 2nd Anthony DiCesaro, 3rd Michael Mastandrea.

The Junior class final saw a lot of action, including passes and even some contact among the leaders. CJ Bowmen went into the day third in points (162). He was involved in the turn 1 wreck around the halfway point of the race. Preveil Perkins took this opportunity to get away from the field and secured the win. Anthony DiCesaro finished second, Michael Mastandrea third, and Bowmen fought back for a fifth-place finish. Perkins and DiCesaro were both using brand new chassis designed by Race Liberante.

Senior LO206 Race 2

Senior LO206 Race 2: 1st Rudy Argas, 2nd Tristen Altman, 3rd Jake Hall

The packed Senior class final got started with a little mystery. Luca Mars was running both the LO206 race and the Formula Race Promotions F2000 race on the Pitt Race Full Track. Would Mars be able to run his kart or would someone else have to step in? Mars himself made it with seconds to spare, to start dead last in the 31-kart field. Natee Lewis, one of the younger drivers in the class, ran third for the first six laps holding off a large group of karts trying to pass. Working through the field, Mars took the lead into turn 1 on the final lap. Tristan Altman, Rudy Agras, and Jake Hall had other plans when they worked together to draft and force Mars to run a defensive line. Altman, Agras, and Hall all got ahead of Mars out of turn 13. Agras took the checkered flag with Altman coming in second, and Hall beating out Mars by a few inches for third. Lewis was able to recover from an on-track incident to finish tenth. Altman and Tony DiCesaro were also running brand new chassis from Race Liberante.

Although there was no Kid Kart class during this event, Benjamin Moyer holds the first and only place in overall points with 201. O’Neil, Malcuit, and Sholtis were able to maintain their points positions in first with 421, second with 371, and third with 331 respectively for the Cadet class. Even with DiCesaro finishing second in the Junior class, he was still able to maintain his first position in points with a total of 389. Mastandrea and Bowman are following behind at 309 and 299. Agras’ win in the Senior class tied his points with Altman for 433 and Hall in third with 343.

Altman and Agras were also in the Top 50 National Standings for the Briggs & Stratton Weekly Racing Series.

The next LO206 race at Pitt Race will be a doubleheader on July 11th and 12th. To register for the race, please visit Motorsportreg.com.

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