Pitt Race Test & Tune (SCCA Super Tour)

April 29

Full Track

This Pitt Race Test and Tune is non-timed, non-competition track time for licensed racers with race prepared cars. This program is designed for those seeking additional seat time for driver improvement, vehicle and chassis tuning, and for those who want practice time on the Pitt Race circuit prior to a race event. This program permits advanced passing rules in order to maximize the use of time spent on the track. Pitt Race will not provide instructors for Test and Tune. This event will be primarily used by SCCA racers preparing for the weekend Super Tour event.

Four classes have been pre-set. Big Bore, Small Bore, Open Wheel (wings and things), and Spec Racer Ford (SRF). If a 5 run group schedule is needed, run group times and length would be adjusted. The goal is to give every team and driver as much track time as possible. Pitt Race reserves the right to modify the run groups at any time during the day. NOTE: Group 3 street cars are NOT permitted in this test and tune.

Who: Pitt Race

What: Test & Tune for SCCA Super Tour

When: April 29

Where: Full Track

For more information and to register, visit Motorsportreg.com