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PRKS Round 1

As the distinct sound of kart engines filled the paddock, karting enthusiasts gathered around

the Wilson Circuit, eagerly awaiting the start of the Pitt Race Karting Series. From the

adrenaline-fueled Cadet to the seasoned Masters, each class brings its unique blend of

excitement and competition to the racing circuit. A fresh paint job and a podium upgrade

set the tone for a season full of promise and a paddock filled with family and friends

reminds the racers what this series is all about: camaraderie and a hint, just a hint, of

competition. Plenty of returners and a notable number of new faces welcomed the start

of a new PRKS season. 98 entries were confirmed before the green flag was

waived across the start line.

Practice and qualifying were well underway before wet tire options were needed. Tire

choice was left to the racer’s discretion. Many racers opted for wets as they faced rain

clouds accumulating in the distance, causing some racers to exit the track early or

adapt to the ever-changing weather.

LO206 Cadet: Al’s Corner

In the LO206 Cadet class, sponsored by Al’s Corner, #24 Brady Lewandowski took the

checkered flag with skill and determination, with #03 Preston Fisher nipping closely at his heels after a huge comeback from dropping back to 4th early in the race. Jaymun Trilli took an easy third place after an unfortunate spinout by the #88 Ben Moyer on the last lap. Their precision on the track left spectators in awe, and their celebration in victory lane was a testament to their hard work and dedication.

LO206 Junior: Lucky Auto Recovery Towing & Transport

In the LO206 Junior class, sponsored by Lucky Auto Recovery Towing & Transport,

#888 Keelan Tourigny captured the checkered flag after a quick glance to his rear to find himself 19 seconds ahead of #3 Colton Guiher and 25 seconds ahead of #92 JJ O’Neil who secured their spots on the Podium and lapping several karts in the process. Their daring overtaking maneuvers and flawless execution earned them well-deserved recognition.

LO206 Senior: TURFMaster

Sponsored by TURFMaster, the LO206 Senior class saw first-time winner #51 Kody Johnson

emerge victorious after a mixup of flags at the start of the race resulting in a full stop and reset of the grid, while #36 Luke VanKeuren secured his first-ever podium closely followed by seasoned veteran #40 Rudy Agras and only .9 seconds separating the two racers. Their strategic prowess and unwavering determination propelled them to victory, solidifying their status as top contenders and notable competitors to watch out for at future events.

LO206 Masters: Sewickley Car Store

In the LO206 Masters class, proudly sponsored by Sewickley Car Store, #184 Jeff Liberatore showcased his immense rain-driving skills as he crossed the finish line 8 seconds ahead of #56 Mike Burton and #7 John Flucker who led in second place for the majority of the race only to be passed by Burton in turn 10 on the last lap. Liberatore took his first 1st place finish in true karter fashion with multiple fist pumps while taking the checkered.

Micro/Mini TaG: Smokin’ Steer BBQ

Sponsored by Smokin’ Steer BBQ, the Micro/Mini TaG class saw #04 Griffin Vukich with newcomer #110 Cole Vetter dominate the competition leading an almost 25-second gap over #95 Jaymun Trilli who secured his second 3rd place victory of the day. Vukich and Vetter fiercely competing for their places on the podium with multiple passes throughout the race. Their flawless performance on the track left spectators in awe, securing them a well-deserved victory.

KA100 Junior: The Original Giovanni’s Pizza

In the KA100 Junior class, sponsored by The Original Giovanni’s Pizza, #42 Grady Cronick emerged victorious after a nail-biting race to the finish line with #825 Kennedy Tracey only milliseconds behind. #882 JJ O’Neil hot on their heels secured his third-place victory 14 seconds in front of #6 Brandt Cramer who just moved up to the KA100 after dominating the Junior LO206 class last year.

KA100 Senior: Magik Kart

Finally, in the KA100 Senior class, sponsored by Magik Kart, #49 Cody Lindstrom

emerged triumphant 13 seconds in front of #908 Tristen Altman who threw down multiple purple laps to close the gap. #951 Carter Thompson showcased his talent and determination moving up two positions in the final lap and taking third place only seconds behind Altman.

In conclusion, the first race of the series was a little wet but offered a thrilling glimpse into the world of kart racing, where speed, skill, and determination come together for a spectacular show on the track. Each race was filled with passion and dedication. As the engines roar and the competition heats up, one thing is certain – the thrill of kart racing at Pitt Race is alive and well, ready to captivate audiences and inspire future generations of racers. Share our passion for motorsports by registering as a driver in one of the future PRKS races.

Link to Series Information:

Race 1, 5/4/24

Race 2, 5/18/24

Race 3, 6/1/24

Race 4, 6/15/24

Race 5, 6/16/24

Race 6, 7/6/24

Race 7, 7/7/24

Race 8, 8/3/24

Race 8, 8/4/24

Race 9, 9/7/24

Race 10, 9/28/24

Race 11, 9/29/24

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Race #1 was truly fantastic. The changing weather throughout the day challenged drivers and teams to come up with the best strategy and kart setup. If you have your own kart and aren't racing with us, get out there! If you've often thought about getting into karting, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of options to get you can enter via the "shallow end" or jump right into the "deep end". It's up to you! 😎

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