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What to expect in kart racing- Checkered Motorsports

Checkered Motorsports

First and foremost welcome to the karting family! Checkered Motorsports is conveniently located in Girard, OH only 45 mins away from Pitt Race. We have been a proud supporter of Pitt Race since they first opened their doors in the early 2000’s. Checkered Motorsports offers a multitude of different services from kart prep, chassis straightening, and test and tune sessions to name a few.

Before you dive head over heels into this sport I always want to remind beginners that there is no substitute for track time. Pitt race is a great facility that features different layouts that allows drivers to be well rounded in all aspects of karting. Understanding how to draft, overtaking another competitor, and being able to utilize the curbs effectively are just a few examples.

At first it may seem overwhelming, but you will soon find out that you’re always learning something new in this sport. Ask questions and be a good listener. Pitt Race has an experienced set of drivers and staff. Take advantage of it and at the end of the day have fun!

About Us:

Formed in 2008, Checkered Motorsports is your national touring team importing the Greyhound and PCR product line. Since its inception, the Girard Ohio base operating has seen nothing but success. Focusing on delivered high quality products and customer service, the multi-champion team continues to bring #FASTANDFUN back into the sport.

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