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This program provides drivers with the skills needed to safely handle emergency situations and anticipate hazards commonly encountered during on-the-job driving activities.

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Classroom Instruction + Real World Driving Exercises

Sessions combine classroom instruction – where students are introduced to the physics and dynamics of vehicle control – with real world driving exercises.

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Pricing for this class is dependent on the number of students and the exercises covered during the day.


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  • On-course instruction with qualified instructors

  • Giving participants a “real feel” for the road in a variety of circumstances



  • How physics affects vehicular control dynamics and vehicle reaction

  • Emergency stopping and skidding

  • Accident avoidance and off-road recovery



  • The “One Second Advantage” that provides confidence behind the wheel

  • Maintaining mental focus and situational awareness

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This program is particularly targeted to assist firms that operate multiple-vehicle fleets and traveling sales personnel to reducing the risk of accidents and liability exposure. These classes can be customized to fit your needs.

Sessions combine classroom instruction with real world driving exercises. Pitt Race provides instruction in situational awareness, driving dynamics, skid control, emergency braking, and accident avoidance techniques. Partnered with a certified instructor, students are introduced to the dynamics of vehicle control and will maneuver through a variety of situations in a controlled environment.


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At the end of the day, participants drive away with improved confidence and the knowledge that they’re better prepared and safer behind the wheel.

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