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Media Credential Request

Please provide the email contact of the rental group's Media Manager. This application must be approved by the rental group before being approved by Pitt Race, as you will be on their insurance.

By applying below, you are agreeing:

I am 18 years of age or older
I am credentialed by a reputable and official media outlet
I can present proof of employment/supervision by the track renter.
I have seen and acknowledged the media map and all acceptable areas for on track media coverage
I understand that Drones are not permitted on the facility

Thank you. We will contat you via email. Check your inbox for more information.


  • A request for credentials does not guarantee issuance. Pitt Race will review credential applications for working print, broadcast journalists, and still photographers.

  • Pitt Race reserves the right to limit the number of media credentials issued per event and per publication. If different photographers are assigned for different days, please specify which days they will be working on the Media Credential Request Form.

  • Media credentials are issued to working media only. We are unable to credential freelancers unless they are on a specific assignment from a recognized media outlet.

  • All photographers must be credentialed by a reputable, official, and vetted media outlet or present proof of employment/supervision by the track renter in order to secure media credentials.

  • Photographers on assignment from a newspaper, magazine, or other publication will be considered for a photographer’s pass. Photographers should provide samples of published work attached to the Media Credential Request Form.

  • If more than one credential is needed, please specify the nature of the assignment (photo or writing) and complete a separate credential request for each person.

  • All credentials are non-transferable. Any unauthorized use will subject the bearer to confiscation of the credential and removal from the premises.

  • Pitt Race reserves the right to revoke event credentials at any time and require exit from the property in the case of conduct violation of Pitt Race Media Policies or that are deemed detrimental to the safety of the credential holder, others, or the safe operation of the facility.


  1. Professional attire is required. No shorts, tank tops, or open-toed shoes are allowed. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are required for Pit Lane and Trackside access.

  2. Photographers may not wear clothing that is mostly Red, Yellow, Orange, or Black. (Preferred white or Blue)

  3. Photographers must wear a Photo Vest at all times unless otherwise cleared by Pitt Race management.

  4. Photo Vests may not be shared. Each photographer must have their own approved credentials and Photo Vest.

  5. All Photo Vests must be returned to Security at the main entrance or to the Media Center before departing. More strict clothing rules for access to hot areas may be enforced by track renter.

  6. All photographers must attend a safety meeting in order to receive a Photo Vest.

  7. All photographers must have a guide rail between them and the track at all times.

  8. All photographers must always communicate movements with Corner Marshals and remain within 25 yards of a manned corner stand.

  9. Photographers may not enter any Corner Marshal stand.

  10. All photographers must communicate with Race Control directly or through a Corner Marshal in order to move to a different station or to cross a cold track. No photographer may cross the track without the Corner Marshal's permission and supervision.

  11. No photographer may cross a hot track.

  12. No consumption/use of controlled substances is allowed prior to the end of all daily track activities.

  13. The private use of any Unmanned Ariel System/Drone is not permitted at Pitt Race. Any other use must comply with Pitt Race Policy and FAA guidelines.

  14. Video, film footage and photographs shot on the grounds of Pittsburgh International Race Complex may only be used for legitimate news coverage. There is no commercial photography or solicitation allowed on the premises. Anyone found soliciting on track grounds will be removed from the premises and lose all privileges for future events.

  15. Pitt Race reserves the right to revoke event credentials at any time and require exit from the property in the case of any conduct in violation of Pitt Race Media Policies or that are deemed detrimental to the safety of the credential holder, others, or the safe operation of the facility.




The following areas are permissible for media capture. See attached map for additional clarity and defined zones.


Turn 3/4/5

  • Access through the Maintenance yard at the entrance gate.

  • The photographer must check in with the main gate guard to have gate opened and is responsible for ensuring the gate is closed behind them.

  • Photographers may drive and park reasonably off track and out of sight behind station 4.

  • Photographers may proceed behind guide rail on foot to turn 5/6.


Turn 17/18

  • Access through the gate under the water tower.

  • Must confirm permission with Race Control or track renter.

  • Access granted only during a cold track.

  • Must quickly proceed to station 17 for a safe placement.

  • No photographers permitted behind tire walls between corners 17 and 18.

  • All photographers must remain up the track from station 17.


Turn 15

  • Access may be given to station 15 from station 17 only.

  • Photographers may proceed behind guide rail on foot from station 17 to station 15 only with Race Control permission.

  • Photographers may not proceed beyond 25 yards up track from station 15.


Start/Finish and Turn 1

  • Photographers may proceed across Pit Lane with Race Control permission or supervision by the Pitt Race Safety team/Corner Marshal.

  • Photographers may reside down the track from start stand or Station 1 until 15 yards down the track.

  • Photographers may not enter any Corner Marshal stand.


Turn 2/Bull Ring

  • Access must be cleared with Race Control though a Corner Marshal.

  • Photographers must quickly proceed to the station ring.

  • Photographers must always remain inside the ring and may never exit without permission from Race Control through Corner Marshal.


Pit Lane

  • Pit lane access may be granted by Race Control.

  • Photographers must always remain behind the mechanic's wall.


Other Corner stations

  • All other corner stations may only be accessed by vehicle drop off.

  • Vehicle drop-offs must be cleared by Race Control or through a Corner Marshal.

  • All vehicle movement and drop-offs may only occur on a cold track.


Other Spectator Side Positions

  • Photographers must remain on the spectator side of any fence or rail.

  • These positions include the base of Spectator Hill, Turn 18/19 under the water tower, and the Event Center balcony.


All final media permissions and access are only granted through cooperation between the sanctioning body and Pitt Race management, including Race Control.

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