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The Kart Racing Experience

2024 Dates: May 11, June 14, July 5, July 19, August 30, September 21

Pitt Race is excited to offer six unique and stand alone rental Kart Race Experiences for the 2024 Season.

Each of the six races will feature one 10 minute practice session, one 15 minute qualifying session and one 15 minute race

Competitors will be broken down into 2 groups consisting of a Light Group (150lbs and under) and a Heavy Group (151 lbs and over).

Each group will have a potential of 22 karts on the track at the same time.

Friday Evening events will have Check In/Registration (if spots are available) at 5:15pm, Mandatory Driver's Q&A at 5:45pm and the first practice session starting at 6:00pm SHARP.

Saturday Morning events will have Check In/Registration (if spots are available) at 10:15am, Mandatory Driver's Q&A at 10:45am and the first practice session starting at 11:00am SHARP.

As with any outside event, track time and schedule could be affected by weather, incidents or any other unforeseen circumstances, we will do our best to adhere to our strict schedule, but keep in mind that we may have to modify the evenings run time to accommodate everyone the best we can. Participants and guests must complete the digital waiver for this event. The digital waiver will appear during your registration.

  • Pricing

  • Pre-registration Driver Entry required (Includes Drivers Pit Pass) $90 per Entry.

  • Day-of, walk-up registration (if spots are available) $100 per entry.

Event requirements

Drivers need to wear closed toe shoes, be at least 5 feet tall and under 6'2", and fit comfortably in the kart. Drivers must show up by 5:30pm (Friday events) or 10:30am (Saturday events) or forfeit their spot in the race.

Drivers will be separated into classes by driver weight:

  • Light - under 150 lbs

  • Heavy - 151 lbs and over

  • Rental karts are not equipped to add ballast weights and drivers are not permitted to carry ballast weights on their person.

Who: Pitt Race What: Rental Karting League When: 2024: May 11, June 14, June 5, July 19, August 30, September 21 Where: Wilson Circuit

For more information, click here!

To register, click here!

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