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Get to know speed and handling in an intense, but controlled setting. Autocross is a fun and safe way to compete in a motorsports environment.


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These events are timed, but there are no awards, classes, or podiums. It’s you against yourself! Lowkey Autocross provides a cone course on our skid pad. These events will put your car control skills to the test, as well as your car setup but without the competitive pressure. 

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  • Drivers must possess a valid, state issued drivers license and must be 18-years of age or older (Anyone under 18 requires a parental consent form to be signed at registration). 

  • Passengers are permitted providing the following conditions are met: They must be 18 years or older. They must be seated in the front passenger seat (no passengers in the rear seats).  The passenger must have equal safety equipment to the driver. For example: If the driver is in a race seat with a race harness, the passenger seat must be of the same configuration.

  • Pitt Race reserves the right to cancel the passenger policy if any driver is observed being careless or reckless while carrying a passenger. 

Pitt Race offers two versions of autocross. The first is a Pitt Race managed event called Lowkey autocross.


The second is managed and operated by the Steel Cities Region of SCCA.

Low-key Autocrosses are open to both fully prepared and stock configuration vehicles. Vehicles with a high center of gravity and narrow track including most SUV's, Cross-Overs, Mini Vans and 4WD pickup trucks are NOT eligible. Karts and Formula style cars are not eligible. 


If you have any questions, please contact Pitt Race at 724-535-1000 or Email Us

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The Steel Cities Region SCCA also hosts autocross competitions on the same vehicle dynamics area at Pitt Race.

Management and registration for these events is done through Steel Cities. Please see the Pitt Race calendar or the Steel Cities calendar for a schedule of these events.
In an SCCA competition, cars are divided up into one of 40 different classes, ranging from daily driver economy cars on street tires all the way to purpose built winged monsters. Please visit for rules and details.

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