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Get to know speed and handling in an intense, but controlled setting. Autocross is a fun and safe way to compete in a motorsports environment.


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Lowkey autocrosses are low-pressure events for novice drivers, those not ready to go against the clock competitively or for those tuning their vehicles for an SCCA event. This provides a fun atmosphere for all levels of drivers. These events are timed, but there are no awards, classes, or podiums. It’s you against yourself! Lowkey Autocross provides a cone course on our vehicle dynamics area / skid pad. These events will put your car control skills to the test, as well as your car set up but without the competitive pressure. 

Pitt Race offers two versions of autocross. The first is a Pitt Race managed event called Lowkey autocross.


The second is managed and operated by the Steel Cities Region of SCCA.

Low-key Autocrosses are open to both fully prepared and stock configuration vehicles. Vehicles with a high center of gravity and narrow track including most SUV's, Cross-Overs, Mini Vans and 4WD pickup trucks are NOT eligible. Karts and Formula style cars are not eligible. 


If you have any questions, please contact Pitt Race at 724-535-1000 or Email Us

Pre-registration for Lowkey autocross is available via or by calling the track directly. Walk-up registrations are welcome, however we do sell out. The cost is $60 per driver.

Please check our Event Calendar for a complete schedule of upcoming dates and times.


** Dates are subject to change


The Steel Cities Region SCCA also hosts autocross competitions on the same vehicle dynamics area at Pitt Race.


Management and registration for these events is done through Steel Cities. Please see the Pitt Race calendar or the Steel Cities calendar for a schedule of these events.


In an SCCA competition, cars are divided up into one of 40 different classes, ranging from daily driver economy cars on street tires all the way to purpose built winged monsters. Please visit for rules and details.

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Register online at to attend our next Lowkey autocross event.

Support Crew

  • Support crews are responsible for their own safety.

  • The facility paddock speed limit is 10 miles per hour for all vehicles.

  • Please park in designated areas and keep the access lanes and fire lanes free of all vehicles, equipment, tents, tools, etc.

  • Please pay attention to traffic in the paddocks and pits at all times.

  • No person under 16 years of age is permitted in the pits at any time.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pits or paddocks.



  • Fluid Trash receptacles and liquid recycling stations are located on the Pitt Race grounds


  • Please contact Pitt Race personnel if you have any questions about the containment of waste fluids.


Bring it in/take it out policy

  • All tires, broken fiberglass, scrap metal, batteries and any other parts that may have broken or fallen off cars must be removed from Pitt Race.



Sunoco Racing Fuels is the official fuel of Pittsburgh International Race Complex:

  • Sunoco Race Fuel Leaded 110 Octane

  • Sunoco Race Fuel Unleaded 100 Octane

  • Premium Unleaded 93 Octane


Participants are required to attend the drivers meeting. Anyone arriving late must meet with the event manager before being given access to the course.

If you have any questions, please call Pitt Race at

724-535-1000 or Email


Vehicle Requirements

  • To ensure your safety and that of the other participants, a Self Tech Form must be completed for every car on track. The form must be surrendered to event personnel before being released onto the track. Forms are to be turned in at registration prior to receiving your wristband. A link to this form will be provided upon confirmation of registration.

  • Participants are required to use their own vehicle. Pitt Race does not have rental vehicles available.

  • Most trucks, SUV’s, minivans, and crossovers are not permitted in low key autocross. Please call or email the registrar prior to registering regarding questions about your vehicle.


Garages are available for rent on a first come first serve basis. Please contact Pitt Race to schedule a rental.


A Lowkey autocross is a low-pressure event for novice drivers.

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