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Enjoy the sport of drifting - the ability to use throttle, brakes, clutch and steering to keep a sideways motion from turn to turn without losing control.



The Infamous Club Loose!


Club Loose events are focused on having fun drifting with your friends first and foremost. No competition, no egos, and no whining! In order for this to happen, please make sure you read, understand, and follow the rulebook. Also, please make sure you attend driver meetings at the beginning of each event!


Driver Groups Explained


This section explains each Driver Group that we have at all Club Loose events. Drivers are broken into A, B and C group based on experience. Driving in the right group gives you and all of the other drivers in the group the best experience on track. Trying to drive in a group that you are not ready for is dangerous and will not happen.


A Group is for the drivers that have all the required safety equipment, meaning firesuit, shoes, gloves, appropriate roll cage, etc. These are the drivers that have no issues making it around the track and are working on getting closer to other cars and running a better, faster line. Just because you have a roll cage does not put you in A group.



B Group drivers are the ones who are making it through the course without issues, i.e. not spinning, not understeering. They are running a good line, maybe not the best line but they are learning. They are starting to go faster and try new things. 



C Group drivers are the new ones, the drivers still learning their cars, learning the track, etc. This is where everyone starts. There’s nothing wrong with being in C group, we were all there. These are the drivers working to link the course and start understanding what the right line is. They are figuring out what they need to do in the car to make it work. All drivers new to drifting or Club Loose start in C group.


Register online at to attend our next Club Loose drifting event.


Special Note 


Any driver who has not held a competition license or is unsure of which groups they drive in must contact Club Loose before registering for an event. International drivers, please contact us also to confirm your group. We are well aware of the high standard of drifting and that many semi pro competitors are in fact pro level drivers; we will work with all drivers on event days to move you to the group that will benefit you the most.

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