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Test & Tune is non-timed, non-competition track experience for licensed racers, time trial drivers, and approved Pitt Race PDE Group 3 drivers.



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This program is designed for those seeking additional seat time for driver improvement, vehicle and chassis tuning, and for those who want more practice time on the Pitt Race circuit prior to a race event. This program permits advanced passing rules in order to maximize the use of time spent on the track, and it is also a great opportunity to shake down your car or test for an upcoming race.

Open wheel cars are permitted in certain Test & Tune events. Please see for class listings. No instructor feedback will be offered by Pitt Race.

Once the Pitt Race officials know the number and types of cars coming, they will divide the cars into groups of similar configurations and performance. The goal is to give every team and driver as much track time as possible. Pitt Race reserves the right to modify the run groups at any time during the day.

Registration and payments can be completed at Pricing will vary by length of event and track configuration but generally starts at $250. There will be full and/or half day events. See for date specific schedules.

Driver Requirements:

  • All drivers must present proof of a current competition license or have documentation from Pitt Race PDE, or another program that shows the driver is in the advanced group. (SCCA, NASA Competition or HPDE4 license, Professional Sports Car Racing, VSCDA, SVRA, Vintage National License, VRG, RCCA, Pro-Rally, NASCAR, CART, FIA, EMRA, car club competition license, or CASC license.)

  • Certificates documenting the completion of a racing course from an accredited driving school within the past 12 months may also be accepted.

  • Shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn while on track (no sandals, heels, Crocs, etc.).

  • Long pants and long sleeved shirts are required for participation.

  • Drivers are required to bring their helmet to check-in for approval and a helmet tech decal. The helmet will then be valid for the year indicated on the decal.

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Test & Tune Daily Protocol:

The schedule, permitted drivers, and eligible cars for Pitt Race Test and Tune events can vary. Please see the specific event information on for details and schedules.  

Registration and payments can be completed at Pricing will vary by length of the event and track configuration. There will be full and/or half-day events. See Motorsportreg. com for date-specific schedules.


Support Crews

  • Support crews are responsible for their own safety during Test & Tune days. Please pay attention to traffic in the paddocks and pits at all times. The paddock speed limit is 10 miles per hour for all vehicles.

  • Please park in designated area and keep the access lanes and fire lanes free of all vehicles, equipment, tools, etc.

  • No person under 16 years of age is permitted in the pits at any time.

  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in the pits or paddocks.


Recycling/Waste Fluid


  • Trash receptacles and liquid recycling stations are located behind the North Track Garage.

  • Please contact Pitt Race personnel if you have any questions about the containment of waste fluids


Bring it in/take it out policy

  • All tires, broken fiberglass, scrap metal, batteries, and any other parts that may have broken or fallen off of cars must be removed from Pitt Race.



Sunoco Racing Fuels is the official fuel of Pittsburgh International Race Complex:

  • Leaded 110 Octane

  • Unleaded 100 Octane

  • Premium Unleaded 93 Octane

  • There is a Sunoco mandated security protocol in place which will limit customers to three (3) transactions per day on the same credit card. The limit is $100 per transaction.


Car Requirements:

  • All cars must have a completed the Self Tech Form before driving on track. (A link to this form will be provided upon confirmation of registration.)

  • This program requires all drivers to use their own qualified vehicle.

  • Convertible vehicles with operational factory rollover protection system are allowed. This includes factory roll bars, pop up rollover protection, and reinforced a-pillars designed to provide rollover protection. The car must be driven with the convertible top in the up and locked position. Arm restraints are recommended.

  • All other convertibles require either an installed factory hard top or a four-point roll bar. If a roll bar is installed, the top of the driver’s helmet must be below the line from the top of the roll bar (not including padding) to the top of the windshield frame. Portions of the roll bar subject to contact by the driver’s helmet must be padded with a non-resilient material with a minimum thickness of one-half inch. Arm restraints are recommended.

  • Fully prepared road race competition cars and street cars are permitted.

  • Vehicles with a high center of gravity and narrow track, including SUV’s, Cross-Overs, Mini Vans, and 4WD pickup trucks, are not permitted.

  • No passengers are permitted in any cars at any time, excluding approved instructors riding with a student.

  • Pitt Race management reserves the right to deny access to the track to any driver or vehicle for safety concerns.


Garages are available for rent on a first come first serve basis. Please contact Pitt Race to schedule a rental.

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