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American Endurance Racing (AER)

American Endurance Racing (AER)

2024: Apr. 5-7 Full Track

Practice and qualifying on Friday. Eight-hour races on Saturday and Sunday. American Endurance Racing (AER) is an endurance race series born in 2014. AER aims to provide a fun, safe environment for experienced drivers using almost any production-based race car. For example, any production-based race car built to compete in sanctioned road racing with the SCCA, NASA, BMW CCA, PCA, PBOC, IMSA, WC or similar governing bodies, top Champ Car cars (including EC), or class A LeMons cars can all be raced. In addition to drivers who have or had a racing license with a major governing body, drivers who have competed in five LeMons/Champ races or drivers with vast track time/other racing experience are eligible to compete.

All AER races will be multi-class races with cars competing against other, in-class cars and for the overall win based on laps. Cars are classed with other cars with similar performance based on qualifying times.

While entry fees will vary from event to event due to the length of the event, AER is determined to provide competitors an excellent value and to keep entry affordable. AER’s simple, all-inclusive fee covers the event costs for one car; all driver and crew, and all practice, qualifying, and race sessions.

Who: American Endurance Racing (AER) What: Endurance Racing When: 2024: Apr. 5-7 Where: Full Track

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