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Chin Track Days

2024 Dates: 5/25-26, 9/21-22

Chin Track Days is a leading provider of non-competition track events for sports car enthusiasts. When you acquired a sports car, did you notice that advanced driving skills were not included? They provide advanced driver coaching for you to acquire those skills. With Chin Track Days, enthusiasts can enjoy their cars and receive driver education at some of the legendary road courses in the USA.

The emphasis is on FUN and skill training, not racing. In non-competition events, the sports car driver can practice and learn new advanced driving techniques. Entry-level drivers receive high-quality instruction on high-performance driving skills. If you are already an experienced driver, you may be exempt from instruction, and enjoy generous, high-quality track time. All training and driving are done in a low-stress, non-competition environment. Chin Track Days events have no racing, time trials, or contests. Events are defined as driver's education activities and are governed accordingly. All enthusiasts are welcome; there is no limitation to a particular marque or car.

Who: Chin Track Days

What: High-Performance Driver Education

When: 2024: 5/25-26, 9/21-22

Where: Full Track

For more information and to register for the events, visit the Chin Track Days website.


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