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Sports Car Driving Association SCDA

2023: June5-6 Early Registration Discount: $75 Off until 5/15

Founded in 1995, the Sports Car Driving Association (SCDA) provides the driving enthusiast the opportunity to experience high-performance driving in a safe and controlled environment. SCDA events are strictly driver educational events and are non-competitive. SCDA welcomes everyone from novices with no track experience, as well as seasoned track drivers. 

Participants can expect:

  1. Four on-track driving sessions for each run group (5 for Advanced)

  2. Classroom Sessions

  3. Personalized instruction for the Novice drivers

  4. SCDA will be utilizing the 2.78 miles, 19-turn Full course

Who: Sports Car Driving Association What: HPDE When: 2023: June5-6 Where: Full Track

Register for the SCDA event here.


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