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We aren’t talking about the latest gear. We just need to know if your vehicle is ready for a track day at Pitt Race.

Pittsburgh International Race Complex is a destination road track. To get on track you need to make sure that you and your car are ready. The first step in the process is making sure your car meets our standards with a Self Tech Form

Many groups rent portions of our facility to host their own motorsport events. Different groups have different requirements when it comes to getting the good-to-go for track time. That being said, this article is meant to address the Pitt Race in-house events such as Lowkey Autocross, Pitt Race PDE, or Pitt Race Test & Tune. To find out specific requirements for a car or driver for another event, you will need to contact the group directly.

Pitt Race uses a Self Tech Form (STF). This form is completed and signed by the driver or completed by the driver’s mechanic and signed by the driver. The status of the driver’s car is the driver’s responsibility. Please give yourself time to inspect, or have your car inspected based on the topics found on the STF.

The STF is found on our website here: Self Tech Form

Print and complete the form, and don’t forget to bring it with you to the track. More forms are available at registration if you need another. Cars without an STF or with an incomplete STF will not be allowed to participate.

Do not wait until the day of your event to start checking your car. That could lead to missed track time spent fixing a simple issue that could have been remedied at home.

We want everyone to have a great track day while visiting Pitt Race. In order to do that, everyone needs to follow the safety guidelines we have laid out.

If you have a question prior to an event about your car. Feel free to give us a call and ask for the Operations Department.


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