N2 Track Days

Full Track

April 24-25, May 15-16, June 5-6, July 10-12, August 20-22, September 11-12, October 9-10

N2 provides a structured riding environment for sport-bike riders of all levels. They promote motorcycle safety through instruction on a closed course racetrack. Instructors and coaching staff are comprised of club-racers (CCS/WERA) and experienced track day riders who are articulate and passionate about all aspects of this sport.

N2 strives to provide an enjoyable riding experience in an environment where members can hone their skills and inspire confidence in their riding ability. Riding with N2 means you and your sport-bike gain access to a structured environment without the hazards, limitations, distractions and obstacles that you’ll find on the street. If you’re a riding addict who wants to elevate your skill, this organization has you covered.

The fun with N2 does not end with track time. Events go on long after the track time has ended. They have regular ‘meet and greets’ at events and encourage members to kick back after a good day of riding and tell tall tales with the rest of the N2 family.

Additionally, N2 Track Days and WERA Motorcycle Racing team up throughout the season for an exciting race weekend. The three-day event format includes a 4-hour and 2-hour endurance race. Each event will feature a 4-hour main event broken down into three classes: heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight with a 2-hour event dedicated to the ultra-lightweight class.

Who: N2 Track Days What: Motorcycle Track Day When: April 24-25, May 15-16, June 5-6, July 10-12, August 20-22, September 11-12, October 9-10 Where: Full Track

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