N2 Track Days

N2 Track Days:

  1. April 25-26 Postponed

  2. May 15-17 (Race weekend with WERA) Postponed

  3. June 6-7, July 11-12

  4. August 15-16

  5. September 11-13 (Race weekend with WERA)

  6. October 10-11

Announcement from N2:


WERA Motorcycle Roadracing Inc,

May 2,  2020 – wera@wera.com

MAY  15-17, 2020 Pittsburgh International Race Complex Moved to September 11-13, 2020!

Due to the extension of regulations by the State of Pennsylvania and restricting activities in the State N2 and WERA had to move this event to September 11-13, 2020.

“WERA and N2 were looking forward to this event to kick off our joint Endurance Series for 2020 but with all of the restrictions placed by States with regard to the Covid-19 Virus Pandemic we have to look at this event and say it is not feasible.  We are happy to be able to give this event a new weekend on September 11-13 and look forward to seeing everyone then.  Thank you to the Staff at Pittsburgh International Race Complex for working with us on this and to our partners N2 for all they have done for this event,” said Evelyne Clarke, CEO WERA Motorcycle Roadracing.

“WERA, N2 and PIRC worked exhaustively to put on this event, but it simply was not possible with the current health emergency regulations in the State of Pennsylvania,” said N2 Partner/COO Jim Curtis.

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing is currently working with all the Tracks and looking at all the various state restrictions with regard to our dates scheduled for May and we will update on these events once we have definitive answers.

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing is working with all our venues on this and the restrictions they are under and we will keep you posted on all of the May events

The WERA office is closed so please communicate via e-mail:  wera@wera.com until we are back in the office.  Thank you all for your continued support through this and we are shooting for being back on track ASAP…

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing was established in 1973 and is currently co-sanctioning event with AMA and partners with N2 on the National Endurance Series. Web site is wera.com and more information is available on the website as well as our Facebook Page business.facebook.com/wera.roadracing/…..


N2 provides a structured riding environment for sport-bike riders of all levels. They promote motorcycle safety through instruction on a closed course racetrack. Instructors and coaching staff are comprised of club-racers (CCS/WERA) and experienced track day riders who are articulate and passionate about all aspects of this sport.

N2 strives to provide an enjoyable riding experience in an environment where members can hone their skills and inspire confidence in their riding ability. Riding with N2 means you and your sport-bike gain access to a structured environment without the hazards, limitations, distractions and obstacles that you’ll find on the street. If you’re a riding addict who wants to elevate your skill, this organization has you covered.

The fun with N2 does not end with track time. Events go on long after the track time has ended. They have regular ‘meet and greets’ at events and encourage members to kick back after a good day of riding and tell tall tales with the rest of the N2 family.

Additionally, N2 Track Days and WERA Motorcycle Racing team up throughout the season for an exciting race weekend. The three-day event format includes a 4-hour and 2-hour endurance race. Each event will feature a 4-hour main event broken down into three classes: heavyweight, middleweight and lightweight with a 2-hour event dedicated to the ultra-lightweight class.

Who: N2 Track Days What: Motorcycle Track Day When: April 25-26, May 15-17 (Race weekend with WERA), June 6-7, July 11-12, August 15-16, September 12-13, October 10-11 Where: Full Track

For more information and to register for a track day, click here

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