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The Do-Over Karting Event

Scheduling a fun company outing or a large group event can be difficult when looking at everyone’s schedule. Enjoy an outdoor function on your own time with a Pitt Race Do-Over Karting Event. Each guest purchases as many sessions as they need to “do-over” their fastest lap time.

This style of event is completely customizable. Some participants visit during our public rental times, eliminating the need to rent the track for a private group event. Many groups choose a 2-week time frame while others run the event for a month or even the whole season. Other participants might rent the track and provide the participants their first session.

Want your crew to up the ante? Some groups choose to charge a fee to participate in the Do-Over events. You determine and collect an entry fee. Use this fee to donate to a charity, buy awesome prizes for the top times, or use as a form of fundraiser.

At the end of the Do-Over Event, the Pitt Race team will collect the data for each participant and determine the winners. The event organizer will choose how to recognize and award the winner.

If you are ready to take advantage of this offer, as the event planner, you will need some information about your participants: their name, email address, and a name they would like displayed as a racer name. We will only run time reports for the information provided. It is important to stress to your guests they must use the same information when registering on location.

Does the Do-Over Event sound like something you are interested in? Call the Sales Department at 724-535-1000 to get more information!


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