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2023: May 20-21, July 1-2, September 1-3 Full Track

AutoInterests is selected to operate the Pitt Race PDE Program. To better understand the changes read more here.

AutoInteressts is a professional motorsports event management business specializing in HPDE (High Performance Driver Education) for sports car drivers. The organization started as a car club in 2004 with participants wanting to learn to drive our cars fast but safely, off of public roadways. All makes and models of cars are welcome with no membership required!

AutoInterests provides over 2.5 hours of track time per day on the Pitt Race full course! You may register for just one day or both days for a discounted rate. Participants would get over five hours of track time between the two days. This event is a high-performance driving experience (HPDE) and driver’s education event. Drivers will be divided into classes (novice, intermediate & advanced) and drivers/vehicles will be appropriately grouped.

Experienced drivers are able to escape high-pressure racing and strict clubs to enjoy a safe and simple format. With no exclusivity and no “membership” required, it is easy for drivers of all makes and models to enjoy themselves. AutoInterests provides a comfortable, fun, and safe experience for everyone – from novice to very advanced track drivers.

Additionally, AutoInterests brings CARFEST once a year to the Pitt Race facility. This event has HPDE events, Autocross, karting, a car show, and much more.

Who: AutoInterests What: High Performance Driver Education When: 2023: May 20-21, July 1-2, September 1-3 Where: Full Track

To register, click here

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