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California Superbike School

2022 August 8-11

Full Track

Fact: Step-by-step advanced rider training did not exist before Keith Code began his first one-on-one courses in 1976. What happened after that? From novice street riders to factory racers, riders trained by him rapidly improved.

For decades, expert riders have proclaimed riding to be 90% mental. Keith is credited with breaking the sport down into its essential components and bringing real understanding to riders in all categories. His books, videos, and schools were the first to make that knowledge available to everyone. His step-by-step approach will make sense to you. Each skill builds on the last and creates a complete package of control and confidence.

The School’s Levels are done in order, one through four. Each of the first three Levels presents five precise technical riding skills. Each Level can be completed in one day. You will be blown away by what you accomplish in Level I alone.

How do they know this? Simple math; two out of three Level I students return for Level II within a year and bring their friends.

You will improve. You are a far better rider than you’ve ever let yourself hope to be. We have a system that works. Is it the best? We don’t know, but we can and do guarantee improvement.

Who: California Superbike School

What: Motorcycle Rider Training

When: 2022 August 8-11

Where: Full Track

For more information, visit the California Superbike School website.

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