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How to Use Your Pitt Race Gift Card

Did you receive a Pitt Race Gift Card this year and are unsure how to use it? Look no further, we are here to help!

You may use your gift card for any Pitt Race-specific event. This includes kart rentals, kart practice, kart Rental and LO206 Leagues, Lowkey Autocross, PDE, Test and Tune, Total Vehicle Control, as well as any merchandise in the Pitt Stop Pro Shop.

More on each event below.

Kart Rentals and Practice

For the 2020 Season, kart rentals will open in April on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 pm-6 pm. With more days/times May through September.

rental kart on track

Pitt Race Rental Kart

  1. One Pack (One session) – $22.50

  2. Two Pack (Two sessions) – $42.75

  3. Three Pack (Three sessions) – $60.75

Visit the kart Rentals page for more information.

In addition, if you have your own kart or supermoto, practice time is available starting in April. Wilson Circuit practice is $30 per session.

Head to the karting practice page for more information and availability.

Kart Leagues

Pitt Race offers an LO206 and Rental League. The series was formed to provide affordable entries into competitive kart racing.

Gift cards may be applied to registration fees. However, you must visit the facility or call the main office prior to the event. Online registration links do not accept gift cards.

724-535-1000 Registration for both leagues will be on Motorsportsreg

Lowkey Autocross



This event is perfect for novice drivers, or those tuning their vehicles for a competitive event. Lowkey Autocross takes place on our skidpad.

Even though these events are timed, there are no awards, classes, or podiums. It’s you against the clock! Read more on the Lowkey Autocross events.

Visit the facility or call 724-535-1000 to register using a gift card. Visit to process a credit card payment.

Performance Driver Education (PDE)

A PDE will allow you to experience the broad range of your car’s performance capabilities. Drivers train with Pitt Race’s instructors on our natural terrain road course. The events divided into four skill levels. Visit Pitt Race PDE for more information on the program.


Pitt Race PDE

Pitt Race PDE

  1. 1 (Novice): First-time track drivers or drivers with limited experience at other tracks.

  2. 2 (Intermediate): Drivers continue improving their skills with an instructor in-car.

  3. 2-solo (Intermediate): Group 2 Solo is for drivers who have demonstrated an understanding of high-performance rules, safety, etiquette, and track regulations.

  4. 3 (Advanced): This group is for drivers who have been approved by our chief driving instructor or can provide a valid competition license or certificate of completion from a valid track-driving school.

To register, visit the facility or call 724-535-1000 to register using a gift card. Visit to process a credit card payment.

Test & Tune

Test & Tune is a non-timed, non-competition track day. If you are looking for driver improvement, vehicle and chassis tuning, or more practice time, this is the event for you.

Similar to other events, registrants must visit the facility or call to register using a gift card. The number is 724-535-1000. Drivers may visit to process a credit card payment. View the Test & Tune page for more information.

View the Test & Tune page for more information.

Total Vehicle Control: Car Control Clinic

Car Control Clinic is an accidence avoidance program offered by Pitt Race. Above all, students earn skills like swerve-to-avoid, emergency braking, understeer/oversteer, and many more.

Go to: Total Vehicle Control for more information.

You can register for all Pitt Race events on Motorsportsreg. However, to use your gift card, you must visit or call the main office at 724-535-1000.

If you have any questions, please call the main office or email


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