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2024: June 21-23

Potomac Porsche Club of America

Welcome to PCA Potomac's Drivers’ Education Program (DE). This program is not your High School Drivers’ ED! The Potomac DE program provides you with an opportunity to improve your driving skills and learn to drive your car safely at speeds above highway limits with high accuracy on closed-circuit professional road courses. Currently, they run events on 6 different racetracks. Included are all three circuits at Summit Point (West Virginia), VIR (Alton, VA), Watkins Glen (NY), and Pitt Race (Wampum, PA). Many of these are tracks you have enjoyed seeing raced on TV.

As a novice DE participant, you will drive with an instructor who will teach you the safest, smoothest and most consistent way to drive as quickly as is safe for the conditions and your skill level at that time. Prerequisites for DE events include prior track time from another DE Program, Potomac's spring or fall High-Performance Driving Clinic (HPDC), or Autocross School and Autocross participation.

The focus of DE is and always will be safety for all participants and for their vehicles. DE differs from racing in several important ways. DE provides drivers with a learning environment where the goal is to improve their individual driving skills in a safe and fun way. The order in which drivers start or finish a DE session is irrelevant. Racing, by contrast, provides drivers with a competitive environment where the goal is to be the first across the finish line. DE stresses learning and consistent improvement of skills in a safe environment.

Who: Potomac Porsche PCA What: Driver Education

2024: June 21-23

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