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Pitt Race Performance Drivers Education

Full Track

PDE 1 & 2: April 21, June 23, September 8

PDE 2 Solo & 3: May 6, July 7, October 6

If you want to get on track, Pitt Race’s PDE could be for you!

Learn the art of driving fast in a safe and controlled environment with Pitt Race’s Seasoned pros, and then put it to the test. Train with Pitt Race’s instructors on our natural terrain road course. The goal is for you to develop your skills behind the wheel as you experience a broad range of your car’s performance. If you want to be a better driver with driving techniques based on racing, Pitt Race PDE is your source. Participants are divided into the following groups:

Group 1 (Novice): Drivers wanting to get their first experience on our track. If you ever wanted to learn about high performance driving, but lack the track experience, this group is for you. Drivers spend their sessions with our driving instructors and learn the basic skills of high performance driving. This group is meant to provide a supportive and instructional, low pressure situation for any driver to learn the fundamentals of performance driving in the safest way possible.

Group 2 (Intermediate): If you have some track experience, have been signed off from our Group 1 or our chief instructor approved your credentials, you fit this group. Group 2 provides experienced drivers a chance to continue their performance driving learning with instructors. The goal for this group is to learn advanced and higher-speed maneuvers while maintaining control and safety on track.

Group 2 Solo (Intermediate): Group 2 Solo is for drivers who have demonstrated an understanding of high-performance rules, safety etiquette, and track regulations. Drivers in this group have been signed off as a safe solo driver by two Pitt Race Instructors.

Group 3 (Advanced): Pitt Race PDE drivers who are signed off by our chief driving instructor and/or are accredited race organization or (SCCA, NASA, NARRA, etc.) have the opportunity for solo runs and to utilize our Test & Tune event days.

Who: Pittsburgh International Race Complex What: Performance Driver Education When: April 21, May 6, June 23, July 7, September 8, October 6 Where: Full Track

For more information call our office at 724-535-1000

To register for PDE’s click here


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