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Cup Karts North America (CKNA)

2024 Dates: June 21-23


Formerly known as the Briggs and Stratton 206 Cup Series, Cup Karts North America is a family-friendly racing series featuring the rock-solid Briggs 206 engine. Our series has developed a unique environment in which some of the most accomplished karters race side by side with more novice racers in a competitive environment that is enjoyable and fun for all involved.

We originally developed our series of events because we saw too large a gap between the club-level events and the larger regional and national series available. This was not a gap in driver ability, but rather one in the costs to the racer/family to participate. We hoped to establish our series as an affordable option for the club racer to experience another level of karting. Utilizing normalized rules, CKNA offers a place for racers from around the country an opportunity to race in the most competitive 4-cycle series available.

Our inaugural 2014 season was a great success, having the highest kart counts of any other 206 events in the Midwest. As our series has grown in popularity in the Midwest, we saw the opportunity to expand our reach and bring more racers together. For the 2017 season, we decided to add a second series with a National-style Runoffs event to determine overall Grand Champions. In 2018, we established Cup Karts North America to act as a governing body for all of our events throughout North America. 

For 2019, we have decided to merge the Central and North Divisions into one large series. Doing this should heighten the level of competition while reducing the number of events that competitors were traveling for. Ultimately, we feel that this move will benefit the racers by providing larger fields at each event. Shortly thereafter, Cup Karts South was born to fulfill the needs of the kart racers in the Southeast part of the country.

Through all this growth, we are committed to staying true to our mission: Affordable, Fair, Competitive, and Family Friendly.

Who: CKNA Cup Kart North America - North East

What: Kart Racing

When: 2024: June 21-23

Where: Karting Track (Wilson Circuit)

For more information and to register for a track day, click here.


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