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ChampCar Endurance Series

2024: October 5-6

Full Track

ChampCar Endurance Series is for people like you who have always wanted to go road racing without all the hassles, huge rulebooks, or obscene expenses. All you need is a valid driver's license, some safety gear, and a race car, which you can rent from arrive and drive teams, or build your car! ChampCar is the simplest path to real wheel-to-wheel road racing!

What’s this all about? It’s all about everyday cars. It’s all about real racing.

It’s all about tearing down those high-dollar roadblocks that, in the past, have restricted people with a passion for cars and racing from getting fully engaged and involved in motorsports.

Who: ChampCar What: Endurance Racing When: 2024: October 5-6 Where: Full Track

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